How to surprise your spouse on your wedding day

How to surprise your spouse on your wedding day

By Tara Woods 

In a day that’s so fast and so full of emotions, it’s important to steal away little moments with your other half that are special and intimate for just the two of you. It’s even better if those moments are a surprise! Such a sweet way to slow the day down and gather yourselves is to steal away a couple of minutes with your loved one and surprise them with something meaningful and sentimental. Here are some ideas for you to surprise your spouse with on your big day. 

Photo album 

Surprise your spouse with a photo album of all the nicest pictures of the two of you together, from when you first met until now. 

Wedding Album Options

Love Notes 

Write down all the things you love about them whether it’s the big things or the little ones. Make a list of things they do that you love or things that they have done that made you love them more. This will really make them feel special and loved on your magical day. 

Post-it love note heart - love for general use not valentines

Surprise Signs 

Surprise them with cute little signs around your wedding day, put up funny ones, inside jokes, loving ones or even emotional ones. This will make your day so much more intimate and special for both of you. 

Love this rustic wedding sign to help direct guests! "Vows here, Party there, Love everywhere"

Engrave the wedding band 

Engraving the inside of your wedding band is such a sweet touch to add to your wedding day. Whether it’s a cute message or even your wedding date, this personal touch is a very wholesome way of expressing your love for them. 

TLC "5 Sentiments to Engrave on Your Wedding Ring" - definitely want my rings to be engraved! =)


Be a little cheekier and daring and get yourself some sexy lingerie to surprise your spouse. It’s certainly something that they would enjoy and it’s such a fun surprise for you both! 

50 Wedding Night Lingerie Ideas You Will Like #top


Giving them cufflinks as a present on their wedding day is such a lovely surprise for your spouse. Why not personalise them as well or give him ones that you know would be of significance to him. This sweet surprise will surely mean a lot to them. 

Personalised Our Happy Ever After Wedding Cufflinks

Their favourite food 

Surprising them with their favourite food or treat on your wedding day is such a cute way of reminding them how well you know them and to show them that you’re thinking of them. 

3 Wedding Food Trends For 2019 And 25 Examples #foodtrends #weddingfood #foodtrends2019

Steal a quiet moment away together 

Your wedding day is one of the most significant and special days for you as a couple, but the day goes by so fast and can be quite hectic so it is very important for  you to steal a few quiet moments away together. Whether it’s a car ride away for just 15 minutes or a special time away together after your vows, make sure you spend some quality alone time together because the day will be over in a flash. 

The bride and groom share a moment of laughter on their wedding day. What is love without laughter after all? Jasmine's glowing in Katie May's backless Poipu Wedding Gown.

Practise a dance routine 

flashmob is the ultimate surprise for your spouse. Or even if you have a little dance planned to surprise him before your first dance together, and get the bridal squad involved and have the perfect dance prepared with your gals to knock his socks off. 

wedding flash mob choreography dance

Boudoir shoot 

We absolutely love this idea for a surprise, it’s such a fun way of spicing things up. And we can guarantee that your spouse will only be delighted! 

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