From falling in love in Dubai to an Irish wedding in The Imperial Hotel

From falling in love in Dubai to an Irish wedding in The Imperial Hotel

Louise O’Connor & Sam Walker 

December 22, 2018 – St. Peter’s and Paul’s, Cork & The Imperial Hotel Cork 

Photos courtesy of Bismark Photography 


Louise O’Connor, a secondary school maths teacher from Rochestown, first met Sam Walker, also a teacher from Cragg Vale in West Yorkshire while they were both teaching at The English College in Dubai. The pair were simply colleagues at first but after a while they realised it was something more.  Sam often refers to Michael Buble’s line ‘One half timing, the other half luck’ when it comes to himself and Louise meeting each other. The pair fell in love and this soon led to a sweet proposal. 

Sam proposed while the pair were on holidays in Australia for Christmas in 2017. They were on a boat trip around the Whitsunday Islands, and trekked over to the stunning Whitehaven beach when Sam popped the big question. “We hung out on the beach for a bit paddling in the shallow waters and taking lots of selfies. Then out of the blue Sam gets down on one knee and holds up a ring, it was very sparkly in the Ozzy sun. He couldn’t really get his words out so he just blurted ‘will you marry me’ while starting to blub! It was a yes of course!”, says Louise. This romantic proposal lead to a beautiful wedding at The Imperial Hotel Cork. 


Memorable Moments 

“The ceremony – standing before all of our family and friends declaring our love for each other and committing to each other for the rest of our lives! You see it in movies, watch friends and family getting married, but nothing prepares you for actually doing it yourself. It’s such a happy moment and its beautiful to see the smiles on everyone else faces too. Who doesn’t love a wedding?!”, remembers Louise.  

“Sam and I took a time out whilst our guests were taking their seats for dinner. It was lovely to be so happy and excited and actually have a moment to talk to each other as the rest of the day is so manic”, says Louise. 


How was your experience with The Imperial Hotel? 

“Everyone involved at The Imperial were absolutely outstanding! Lynda and James were amazing to work with. We don’t live in Ireland so thought it might be difficult to organise everything but it was the opposite. They are great at what they do so we just put our trust in them, and I would recommend anyone else to do the same. They cover pretty much everything and if not, they can point you in the right direction. They take the stress out of it all. Thank you so much to all who made our day so special.” 

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