An intimate Ballmaloe wedding for Orla and Colin

An intimate Ballmaloe wedding for Orla and Colin

April 27, 2018 – Ballymaloe House  

Orla O’Keeffe & Colin McGrath 

Photos courtesy oMemento Photography 


After first laying eyes on each other many moons ago, Orla O’Keefe soon realised what she was looking for after trying to set up Colin O’Keefe with a friend. “We met the old-fashioned way, on a night out through friends. I actually set him up with someone else but realised my mistake soon after! It all worked out well in the end”, Orla shared.  

After building a life together, get married was the natural next step for Orla and Colin.  “We pull up outside the house and Colin produced the ring and asked me to be his friend forever. I’d like to think I said “Of course” or “Yes” but I probably roared “gimme!” through floods of tears!” Orla recalls fondly.  


Special touches 

The pair opted to take a step back from tradition and do some things a little differently. We opted to not have a cake. We decided instead to have a dessert buffet and use the money that we would have spent on the cake on a bar tabWe brought the bar from our house, it’s a solid wooden bar and Ballymaloe used it as a self-service area for drinks”, the bride said.   


Any advice for brides planning their wedding? 

“Try and make sure that everything you want on the day can be done well in advance, you will have no time on the morning of the wedding for jobs and it’ll only stress you out. Lean on your bridal party for help, that’s why they’re there and that’s why you chose them, because you trust them. On the day you should be able to show up have the hair and makeup done at leisure and get ready for your big entrance”, Orla shared.  

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