The makings of a magnificent maid of honour  

The makings of a magnificent maid of honour  

By Ann Cronin  

You have been elected to possibly one of the most important roles in the wedding party aside from the future newly-weds themselves, and with such a high standing role comes significant responsibility. We’ve compiled a list of the key roles, traits and responsibilities of a top-class maid of honour to help guide you through your role as the bridal party’s second leading lady.

Share the brides work load  

You know the bride better than anyone else, and you probably know which areas of planning her big day will be her weaknesses or may stress her out. Offer your assistance with the heavy lifting right from the offset of the planning process, and take charge of allocating roles and responsibilities to each bridesmaid to reduce the number of tasks for the bride. Ensure the bride knows that you’re here to help with anything and offer to take over any areas of planning which she may find particularly overwhelming.  

Stress buster 

As the big day draws closer and tensions may get a little higher, you should put some focus on trying to keep everything as calm and relaxed as possible. Act as emotional support to the bride and be there for a cuppa when she’s having a bad day in the lead up to her wedding.  If you’re noticing any tensions arising within the wedding party, whether it’s among bridesmaids or between the bride herself and someone, try take control of the situation quietly without involving the bride too much. 

 Problem solver 

As the wedding draws closer and nerves are at their highest, small issues that arise may overwhelm or upset the bride easily and you should take it upon yourself to resolve anything minor without bringing it to the attention of the bride. If on the morning of the wedding a dress loses a button or one of the groomsmen has misplaced his tie, quickly and calmly resolve the situation in a way which causes the bride little or no stress.  

Hen party priorities 

In many wedding parties, it is the maid of honour and the bridesmaids that organise the hen party. Unless your bride has made it clear that she wants to be completely surprised, we recommend having a chat with her about what kind of activities she would like to do, or even a list of ideas she would absolutely hate to be faced with for her send-off. Discuss the when, who, where and how much aspects with her and most importantly, ensure the celebrations are enjoyable and stress free for the bride.

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