Hidden costs behind every wedding  

Hidden costs behind every wedding  

By Ann Cronin 

 No matter what kind of wedding you and your beloved have opted for, every couple’s big day has some hidden expenses that are often forgotten. Here are some of the less obvious costs you should factor in to your wedding budget.  


For every save-the-date, invitation and thank you card sent out to your guests there will be stamp costs involved and their cost can add up to a more significant digit very easily. Take into account how much exactly the total cost is so you’re not left surprised when you see the financial dent it has made. 


For the bride who is dreaming of luxury lingerie for her big day, it can be easy to forget how much those hidden additions add to your attire’s overall price. Many brides will have to fork out for supportive and comfortable underwear for the big day as well as some more sexy and seducing choices for later on. All kinds of undergarments worn by you and your wedding party will add up so be sure to factor in the full ensemble’s cost rather than just the items you see at face value.  

 The night before  

If traveling away from your local area for your wedding, you’ll have to avail of some kind of accommodation for the night before the wedding, and this cost is doubled if you and your partner are staying traditionally separated from one another until the ceremony. Transport costs to your location and back are also worth noting.  

 Honeymoon costs 

 When flights and accommodations are all done and dusted, it can be easy to forget that the cost of living and enjoying yourselves may pile up to an equal amount. Between food, drinks, activities, site-seeing and transport, your honeymoon expenses will have increased in cost significantly by the end of the trip so be sure to have enough put by to facilitate the entire getaway. If heading anywhere particularly exotic, visas and vaccinations may also add unanticipated dents to the honeymoon fund. 

 Day-after additions 

If your celebrations are going to roll into a two-day party there are many undercover costs to take into account. After booking the venue, food or entertainment, you also have to think about day-two outfits for you and your husband, drink costs and travel expenses. Taxi fares or another overnight stay in your venue can also add to your expenses so be prepared for these added expenses.

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